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How to Get A Rent to Own Home – 5 criteria points

Rent To Own, Vendor Finance July 11, 2015

The Great Australian Dream is to Own your Own Home,  We get hundreds of phone calls asking us to give people a rent To Own property.  There are so many people that are just sick of moving again and again.  The questions is ‘how do you choose the best person’ ?  Why didn’t we Get Chosen?

I have some tips on what I look for in purchasors:

1/ Deposit  – how much money have you been able to save is always a plus.   Save ! Save ! Save!  Deposit from parents is also good.  This tells us that your family is supportive of you and would also help you if there was an issue.  For people that can save, we have the flexibility to do so much more for you.

2/Income – while we are able to use Centrelink income, if it is your sole income you will not be able to afford the property.

3/Personality – we look for people that we feel that we could have a long term relationship with.  We like to know that if it is a couple, that both parties understand the concepts and are both as eager as each other.  If they got this far, we would do rental reference checks to make sure that we could work well together.

4/Stability – we check that they have supportive people around them and they don’t move from town to town.  It is quite rare that we can consider people who want to move from a different town or city.  We would consider them if they have a job offer.  However, we can’t really consider them if it means changing jobs and there is no guarantee for a job.


The truth is that they are not too dissimilar to banks.  However, because we are smaller than banks, we get to have a bit more flexibility.  Also we get to meet a lot of people face to face, so we get a better feel of people. Because we get are small we can assess an individual and have broken every rule at least once.  However, there were circumstances that we could make a judgement call on.

At the end of the day, we want the people that we can assist and work with as a team to get their homeownership.  Because we can be with people for usually a minimum of 3 years, there is a possibility that something will go wrong such as a temporary loss of job.  We want to be able to make sure that we can work any difficulties through.

Christina from Nexfer

We have been running a property investment business since 2000 and have specialised in rent to own properties. This is because not only do we have a positive cash flow but we enjoy helping families move into their own homes. To improve our process, we also became mortgage brokers who understand the issues surrounding refinancing. With over 17 years experience, we can share our insights for both the investor and the purchaser and can also provide consulting service. Please feel free to ask questions.

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